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Our story

Experience by your side

From 1977 we design fair stands and exhibition spaces in different sectors.
Over th years we gained experiences and awareness, qualities that allow us to find the right solution to rappresent the philosphy of the company in every sort of fair.
For us to be able to listen means understand one another. Our inspiration starts from here.
The personality, strenghts, distinguishing features, target, objectives. We let us inspire by the features of the company to define the style and the selection of the materials.
The acquired knowledge and the technical skills allow us to choose and coordinate the best partners to realize the project with.

Our projects

The qualities of customers inspire our projects

For us designing stands means to make a brand identifiable realizing captivating spaces that enhance the product and link it to the final client.
We seek to realize innovative and representative stands that create an added value for the company and are recognizable from the other competitors.
We design well-finished locations in the least details, appealed and scenographic that allow the brands to communicate efficiently with their customers.
The company will receive the best support from the design phase to the realization with the guarantee of timeliness and concreteness.

The ideal, low cost and professional solution

The prefitted stands are neutral, ordinary and, in some exhibition, the only alternative.
We design customized stands with pictures or artwork, thanks to the cling film Attacca-facile, easy to apply and repositionable.
The micro-suction cup prevent the formation of air bubbles throughout the application and the material easily stick to the surface of the walls.
They are easy to carry and can be built in no time all by yourself. Ideal for international fair or for short exhibition in which technical and organizational solutions are needed.
Whether small or wide exhibition spaces we guarantee the reliability of the materials in addition to the most availability for the installation instructions.
Today with the cling film Attacca-facile anyone can easily and quickly personalize their own prefitted stand.

To be able to listen means to understand. Here is where the inspiration starts

We design shops that are boxes full of quality and creativity that respect the philosophy of the company.
We work to design a full-immersive experience for the buyers preserving the practical aspect of the store.
We are careful to highlight the exhibited products planning the dinamic flow inside the shop and optimizing the spaces.
The end customer will live a more emotional shopping experience and will identify that location as a keyplace of the city.

This type of shop fully represents the company and expresses its philosophy through the style and it products. We love to put rationality to the spaces to use them without waste.

The shop-in-shop or corner are high quality exhibition spaces which highlight one brand rather than the others exhibited and draw more attention compared to a mixed presentation.









inspire us

Our values


The customer’s requests will be fulfilled with precision and professionalism in full compliance with the respect of the timing of design, realization and mounting.


Whether small or wide exhibition spaces, we guarantee the exceptional reliability of the materials and refinements in addition to our most availability.

Ease and speed

Just one contact person to manage the project; the company will receive the best support from preliminary to the final stage with the guarantee of timeliness and practicality in finding the right solution.


We collect and analyze the customers’ informations to find inspiration in our project and give a contribution to the growth of the company.

A complete service

  • In every project we carefully evaluate the best technical solutions and the most suitable materials, in addition to the companies and the partners that will achieve it.
  • We look after every single stage with full responsability and only one contact person.
  • We optimize the investments while we avoid the wastefulness which make the differences nowadays.
  • Our decades of experience allow us to find the right solution to fulfil the requirements of our customers.
  • We present detailed estimates to evaluate and choose the best suppliers to realize the project.









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